We are fuelled by passion


At Harvest Le Design, we believe in creating individualised living spaces which speak to the aesthetic tastes with our young and experienced team of harvester specialist bringing together a rare fusion of skill and passion to every project we undertake.

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes but DESIGN is knowing which one to keep
David Danille Poh, Founder

Who we are?

We are a team of young & passionate designers who believe in building a good relationship with every prospect by ensuring that every interior spaces are functional, safe and beautiful.

What we do?

We determine the client's goals and requirements by considering how space will be used and how people will move through it. We also create a timeline for the project and estimate project costs for materials and oversee the installation of the design elements.

How we help?

From vision and concept design to project management and fulfilment, we offer high-quality, cost-effective interior design services to commercial and residential clients across Singapore.


Harvest Le Design was successfully set up in December 2017 and was incorporated in 2018.


We work with a trusted, select group of partners to co-create idea to work with you very quickly, and efficiently to make your renovation look better than new. Our combined expertise leverages the extensive experience and proven track record of partnerships required to create services and products which meet your immediate needs as well as your aspirations.